We pride ourselves in our baby centre, with a baby to caregiver ratio of 1:6. Our Willow Babes offer three baby rooms to cater for:

3 - 6 months

6 - 9 months

9 - 16 months

We move the babies to the next class as they develop and grow. This ensures individual age appropriate stimulation, social and emotional development in a loving environment with their peers.

Little Willows Classes

Willow Babes - 3 Months - 16 Months

Bridging Class (Potty Trainers) - 16 months – 24 months

2 - 3 Year Class

3 - 4 Year Class (Grade RRR)

4 - 5 Year Class (Grade RR)

5 - 6 Year Class (Grade R)

Dual Medium

Our classes, Afrikaans & English, are presented in a structured way with individual attention.

Bathroom Routine

At this early childhood development centre, you will find a lady, full-time in the bathroom, ensuring proper hygiene and correct toilet routines.

What we offer (Included in school fees)

Special Days